The Roadtrip Portfolio:The Nude Bowl

Located in the hills outside of Palm Springs, the Nude bowl has been a legendary skateboarding spot since the late 1970's. The name comes from what this place used to be, a nudist camp. The buildings are now in complete ruin, but the pool is kept in perfect condition with exception to the graffiti.

My reasons for heading to the desert are to enjoy the beauty of the open spaces. The reasons for driving to the Nude bowl are a little different. Reminding me more of my high school days as a degenerate skateboarder, where fun is found in destruction and drugs, this place carries on that tradition.


Chris McCaw


all works are hand coated 7”x17” platinum palladium direct contact prints from the original 7”x17”negative and are printed in an edition of 10 unless otherwise noted. Click the download button to see a larger version in another window