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Los Angeles Times 4/18/08

Camera tricks that dazzle

Article by Leah Ollman

Los Angeles Times 5/25/08

Scorched photography

Article by Lynell George

San Francisco Chronicle 9/8/07

Strange Weather exhibition at DCP

by Kenneth Baker

San Francisco Chronicle 9/4/08

Underground art galleries serve a special niche

by Reyhan Harmanci

Shooting on the Santa Monica coastline, with a

home made 16”x20” camera(right) and

20”x24” camera(left, built on a garden wagon), working on the Sunburn project, 3/2008.

photo credit: Dan Miller/Duncan Miller Gallery

Chris McCaw


B&W Magazine

September/October 2010 issue

Article by Marcelle Polednik

San Francisco Chronicle

Decoding images traced by the sun

by Kenneth Baker

The New Yorker 11/10/08

Exhibition at Michael Mazzeo

reviewed by Vince Aletti

SEESAW Online Photography Magazine

Issue #11: Winter 2009.

Art Kopel 2/22/09

A French art publication

Article by Arthur Kopel

Art On Paper

May/June 2009 issue

Article by Leah Ollman

Black and White Magazine UK

February 2009 issue

Article by Susan Burnstine

Black & White Magazine

October 2009 issue

Article by Lorraine Anne Davis

San Francisco Chronicle 9/5/09
Intriguing mix in ‘10x10x10’ exhibition
by Kenneth Baker

PQ A Journal For Contemporary Photography

The Center For Photography At Woodstock

Number 99 /Volume 25/ Number 1